Hogwartz Boxers is a family team. I owe a great deal to my Wife and Daughters Lisa and Jodie for all the help they contribute with the dogs. 

We pride ourselves on our Boxers. They have what we consider to be the MOST important feature of all and that is temperament.

Our Boxers are well known for their loving nature and happy dispositions, and we believe a quality dog must not only have the correct conformation, but it must also have the personality of a true Boxer. What better companion animal could you have than a well bred Boxer?

Please feel free to have a look at my dogs, some I have bred, some I have purchased, but ALL I love. Some dogs have passed, but not with out leaving their mark on us here at Hogwartz.

Our Boxers are first and foremost, our beloved pets.       We show most weekends as a hobby , it gives our dogs a chance to meet other dogs and us to meet other people. Many an off show saturday is spent running our dogs along our local beach , it is an off leash beach and the dogs can run for miles, often we can be the only people on the beach and the dogs absolutely LOVE the soft sand and the small waves to play in. We live on acerage so the dogs have plenty of room to run but the beach brings out there love to run and run they do, the grins on their faces when recalled says it all. Life is good with a Boxer or two around. If you have any questions or are after any information on Boxers.     




Email: hogwartzboxers@bigpond.com

 Ph: 0754957058